Back-to-School Lunch Prep with the Kids

Back-to-School Lunch Prep with the Kids

By: Co-Founder Michelle 

The start of a new school year means back to reality. Back to routines, homework, after-school sports, consistent bedtimes and worst of all... making lunches.

Back to school for me is almost like starting a New Years resolution. It's about getting back on track with a consistent schedule and being more organized overall with our day-to-day. But the one thing I dread most is making lunches. When the kids are in school, there is less time overall and the days seem so short. So (and I'm sure this goes for everyone) the last thing I want to think about is making lunches for the next day. So usually I end up waking up extra early to prepare lunches before we all head out the door. I knew I needed to find a solution to make this chore more enjoyable with my kids. 

When our Co-Founder Danielle found the Innobaby Snack Boxes, we knew we needed to feature these in our Fall Box. They have a cool little divider that you can customize the size of the compartments, and they are stainless steel to keep the stink away. We found hundreds of fun and easy recipes (our go-to for inspiration is Pinterest) and I had an epiphany ...Why don't I include lunch preparation for the next day as part of our evening routine? A way to still have quality time and conversation with the kids, but we're getting one of the things that I dread the most out of the way. And, my kids have a hand and a say in what we are making (or at least they think they do). This will also make them more likely to eat their lunches which results in happier kids at the end of the day, and less waste. #winning

So my Back To School Resolution is to enjoy the things that we have to do anyway. Make it fun. Not a chore, but an activity. I refuse to let lunch preparation get the best of me any longer. And if anyone has any ideas, please send them our way! We all can use a little inspiration with school lunches!

Innobaby Keepin It Fresh Snack Box

Danielle's Go to Snacks

  • Ham cubes, cheese cubes and pretzle sticks  
  • Carrot match sticks, baby bell and crackers
  • Strawberries and grapes
  • Cottage cheese and peaches 


Easy Quesadilla's 

  • Step 1: Add butter to pan
  • Step 2: Add soft wrap to bottom of pan, top with shredded cheese
  • Step 3: Add top layer of soft wrap and flip when cheese starts to melt
  • Step 4: Remove from pan and slice

Kid Tested Turkey & Cream Cheese Pin Wheels
(Danielle's kids love these)

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