Meet Our Photographer

Meet Our Photographer

Jennifer O'Hara
 A photographer who documents precious family footprints

Jennifer O'Hara Family

When starting Fun in the Box, Michelle, Lisa and I were three moms working full-time jobs to support our families and fund our new business. Heck, we still are!

We didn't have a lot of extra money to spend on fancy advertising and social media pictures, so we turned to Michelle's sister for help. Meet Jennifer O'Hara, an amazing photographer, mother, wife and kind sister who you'll find tagged in most of our instagram posts and the product you see featured on our website. She does it all!

We love Jennifer because she looks at a splotch of spilled milk on a stranger’s breakfast table and snaps a photo. The same goes for a child’s dirty fingernails gently gripping the kitchen counter right before dinner.

Jenn, a documentary photographer, spends hours in people’s homes, capturing intimate moments between parents and children in their natural spaces. Her work is an alternative to the traditional staged family portraits on so many walls. I hired Jenn in 2017 to do my family pictures and when I saw the final results, I literally cried because the moments she captured were so precious. I personally love Jenn’s work because she offers more genuine, lifestyle imagery.

Danielle's FamilyBarefoot Photography is a big part of the family at Fun in the Box. Jenn really helped define the look and feel of our products. We are so thankful for her time, talent and generosity as she helps us present our company in just the right light. Jenn turned to this type of photography largely because of inspiration from her own life. In addition to her own business, Barefoot Photography, this mother of four home schools her children during the day. With her own kids, Jenn sees the beauty in everyday moments that she thinks a lot of people take for granted. We agree! This is what she wants to capture in people’s homes—the nostalgia of their spaces, their pets, the way they dress, their hair styles. 

Finding those intimate family moments that many people overlook just comes natural to Jenn. She attributes her keen eye to the experience of her own tight-knit family. Jenn and Michelle grew up in Amherstburg, where their grandparents bought up a large parcel of land that has become home to three generations. Located on a county road—just outside the small, southwestern Ontario town—several family members have built their own homes in the same area. Grandparents, siblings, cousins, grandchildren—all live within a stones throw of each other. Everyone has their own acre of land to call their own.  

Nothing illustrates this family’s bond like Sunday night dinners. Every week Jenn, her siblings, and their children gather at mom and dad’s house for a massive feast not often seen with your average household. Now that's quality family time!

Growing up with that kind of attachment to family and those precious moments definitely inspired this budding photographer. Jenn's photo sessions typically last four hours, or occasionally a full day. She prefers to trail the family as if she’s a fly on the wall. Nothing staged, no posed photos, no fake smiles. Jenn works hard to capture the family in as natural an environment as possible. This concept is new to many of her clients, but they always love the results, just like us!

As you can see, our photographer loves challenging situations. We love Jenn’s attention to detail. From those fingernails to the spilled milk—and to our own bright, colourful products—she goes above and beyond to tell the right story or to capture her subjects in just the right light. We’re so happy to have her with us.

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