Owning a business with a partner

Owning a business with a partner

By: Danielle Moldovan 
Co-Founder Fun In The Box

If you haven’t heard of the Ambitious Mama Podcast, let me introduce you to an amazing mama, entrepreneur, health advocate, international speaker and new friend - Christa Realba. I met Christa back in November 2019 and was so excited when she invited me to be on her podcast to talk about why we started Fun In The Box. I was equally excited when she invited Michelle and I back to talk about our partnership and how we make it work. 

Christa Realba and Danielle Moldovan
Danielle & Christa 

I’m a podcast junkie and enjoy learning why people start their businesses and what keeps them going.  The truth is, Michelle, Lisa and I are three mom’s who work full time and run Fun In The Box as a side hustle. As much as starting a business is exciting and empowering, it’s also equally exhausting and pushes your limits - especially when you’re bootstrapping your business working to pay the bills and raising your kids and families. And especially when you’re a single mom like Lisa and Michelle. 

Christa gave Michelle and I an opportunity to talk about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, how we make our partnership work (in good times and bad) and why it’s all worth it.  This was such an exhilarating experience and we hope if you’re an ambitious mama looking to start a business or support a mom run business, you’ll listen to this episode and Christa’s podcast.  Her guests give me so much inspiration and truth - make me feel like a normal human being.  

I want to thank Christa for giving Michelle and I the space to be open, honest and to share our story.  It was one of my goals in 2019 to be on a podcast and she made that happen. I’m truly grateful. 

To learn more about why we started Fun In The Box and why we value creating quality moments with our kids listen to Season 2, Episode 9.  
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To learn more about how we make our partnership work and the personal values for Danielle and Michelle in 2020, listen to Season 2, Episode 10. Bonus: Learn what Michelle used to be afraid to order on the phone before we started a subscription boxes for kids business.  Be sure to listen to the last 5 minutes of this episode. 
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Danielle & Michelle Fun In The Box
Danielle & Michelle