Why Grandparents Love Us

Why Grandparents Love Us

Fun In The Box gives busy grandparents peace of mind
Kathy’s Story

When Kathy Charlton buys gifts for her five grandchildren, she no longer worries about whether she’s bought something they’ll love. Kathy is like many grandparents who’ve turned to Fun in the Box for gift buying. She loves to buy for her grandkids, but doesn’t love the time it takes to shop and hunt for the latest and greatest toys, products and popular items.

When our kids were first born, and to this day when a special occasion rolls around, our parents are always asking us what to buy for the kids. They want to be cool gift givers and see their grandkids giggle in delight when they open the presents they’ve bought. Doesn’t everyone?

Two years ago, when we launched, Kathy discovered our subscription box service. It was around the Christmas holidays and as a busy grandparent who still works full time, she had little time to shop. In addition, Kathy was hesitant to shop online, but quickly discovered how convenient, fast and easy the process was and how exciting it was for a package to arrive in the mail in just a few short days. (Thank you Canada Post, for the great service!)

When we asked Kathy what she loved about our gift boxes, she said: “Every gift was unique and not something I would easily find in the regular shopping centres where I live.” Also, for people living in rural communities, gift options can be limited. Plus, when you’ve worked a busy week, the last thing we want to do as moms is hop in our car, fight traffic, wait in lines, carry our bags in and out of the car and come home, realizing we forgot to buy the wrapping paper.  Kathy feels the same way!

At Fun in the Box, we curate our products to the age range and gender of your kids. Some items we source are educational while others give parents and kids an opportunity to spend quality time together. Kathy really enjoyed the card game in her first box order. We look for products our kids and their friends like to play with and products they might have never seen. For Kathy, she sees a lot of the same old thing when she’s shopping on her own, and this is why she’s switched to our gift boxes whenever she has a birthday or special occasion. She told us she’s never concerned with what’s inside the box because her grandkids are going to love it—and that’s huge for her.

Kathy’s grandchildren definitely have favourite toys they’ve received over the years. Bath bombs are one of the big hits. The girls, especially, love finding these exciting bath time explosions in each box. This is a signature item you can find in almost all of our boxes. They smell so good! And feel so nice after a bath. Her grandchildren were also big fans of the sequin tote bags included in our Winter Box. Kathy told us the girls absolutely loved the unicorn pattern and take the tote bags everywhere. Stylish and functional! That’s what we like.

And, of course, nothing from the shipping material goes to waste in our boxes. Not only do the boxes double as miniature suitcases or storage for other toys, the packing peanuts we add at time of delivery are made up of biodegradable foam. The kids can lick and stick the foam together for an art project or watch them dissolve under running water. Kathy thought this was environmentally friendly and fun, another reason why she loves to shop with us.

At Fun in the Box, we have the best customers! Customers like Kathy, who have been supporting our business since day one. Thank you for Kathy for sharing your gift giving experience. As fellow mom’s, we honour you for all you do for the people in your life and hope we can continue to make your gift giving easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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