2 SEASONS (2 boxes)-Fun In The Box

2 SEASONS (2 boxes)

$94.98 CAD

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Prepay at $94.98 (2 boxes total)
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What you get:

  • A fun filled reusable box with handle filled with 3-5 kids products likes toys, games, crafts and unique finds kids will love
  • At least one item to help foster quality play time between children and adults 
  • Boxes ship March, June, September and December 
  • One box per child
  • Enjoy the savings. Items will be equal to or below competing brands
  • Subscription renews automatically every 6 months
  • Cancel at any time
  • Non-refundable 

Product Guarantee
Products are kid tested and mom approved and change every season.  We pride ourselves on curating boxes with quality products not found in discount stores.