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$49.99 CAD

Please choose a gift theme that best suits the child:
We'll add a personal message to your gift box

The Holiday Box is a one-time a year box we offer during the holiday season for kids ages baby to twelve. This year the holiday box has been enhanced with choice. Our boxes are geared to age, gender and now theme to meet your little ones likes. 

Choose from one of the following themes:

Arts & Crafts (ages 3+)
Games & Fun (ages 3+)
Stem & Learning (ages 6+)
Beauty (ages 3+)
Baby  (newborn to 2)
Mystery (let us mix it up and surprise you)

The Holiday Box is a one-time commitment and only available until supplies run out.  With the pandemic still upon us and shopping not as fun or safe as it used to be, let the moms at Fun In The Box help you be an awesome gift-giver without the stress. 

Each box is filled with 3-5 items based on theme and will be slightly above the retail value of $49.99. 

We are a small run business and appreciate your support! Please email us if you have any questions