Girl Box Ages 6 to 12
Girl Box Ages 6 to 12
Girl & Boy Box Ages 4 to 6
Baby Box Ages 0 to 2
Girl & Boy Box Ages 2 to 4
Boy Box Ages 6 to 12


$49.99 CAD

For Girl Box ages 6 to 12 ONLY: Customize the tote! Please choose from two styles.

Celebrating Eid? Ramadan? Easter? Or an occasion special to you?  Our special occasion box allows you to see what comes in the box before you buy. Gift a gift that's unique, fun and has variety. Comes with our signature reusable box with carrying handle and instructions to re-purpose the packing material. 

Products include: 

Age 0 to 2 (Boy & Girl): Bath Squirters, Baby's First Toothbrush, On-The-Go Wet Bag, Bath Tub Sprout Cover and Happy Knees.

Age 2-4 (Boy & Girl): Hot Dots Tots, Finger Printing Art Set, On-The-Go Wet Bag, Water Wow (this will be gender neutral).

Age 4-6 (Boy & Girl): Wooden Punch & Lace, Finger Printing Art Set, Kanoodle Jr. and Bath Blaster.

Age 6-12 (Girl): Magic Sequin Tote, Manna Insulated Water Bottle, Turban Hair Towel, Bath Blaster and Water Marbles.

Age 6-12 (Boy): Table Top Air Hockey, Manna Insulated Water Bottle, Bouncing Ball Lab and Photo Glux Super Putty.