Our Story

We are three busy moms from Ontario who love our kids more than love itself and cherish the quality time we spend with them.

When we get together, we have fun sharing the products and toys our kids really love and that we love for our kids. We also share the belief that parents need to get back to basics, put down the electronic devices, and give our children some undivided attention to connect through play, have fun and create precious moments.

That said, we are well aware that life is busy and as parents we don’t always have the time to scope out the latest, greatest and safest products for our kids. This time crunch, combined with our own kids love of surprises, led to Fun In The Box.

Danielle: The “free-time-is-fun-time” mom

Danielle is the mom who loves to play with her kids when the laundry is done, the groceries are put away and the house is tidy so she can focus all her energy on being present and having fun. She is also the parent at the back of a birthday party watching the gifts being opened and gauging how her gift was received. Danielle describes herself as the thoughtful gift giver. For her it is all about the small details.

Lisa: The “gotta-have-it” mom

Lisa is the mom who has to have the best for her kids. If a necklace helps her teething baby sleep better at night, she has to have it no matter the cost. Lisa loves to chat with her mom friends about the latest and greatest kids’ products they are using. A cool gift giver, Lisa is all about sharing the newest, trendiest toys.


Michelle: The “it’s-all-about-my-kids” mom

Michelle is the mom who doesn’t care if her house is a disaster. She’s all about her kids and spending time with them doing fun or educational activities. She is creative, frugal, handy and adventurous. These attributes come through in Michelle’s gift giving. Her gifts are handmade, super creative and crafted with love.

So we created a subscription box for kids filled with fun products and toys that provide convenient opportunities for shared moments between loving grandparents, relatives and parents who want to be cool gift givers for the kids in their lives. 

Our boxes are unique and functional with a cute carry handle and are shipped in the mail every three months for further excitement and surprise.